UOC: Ministry of Culture fails to submit evidence to court in Lavra case

07 June 12:15
Metropolitan Clement (Vecheria). Photo: news.liga.net Metropolitan Clement (Vecheria). Photo: news.liga.net

Metropolitan Clement said that the Reserve has not yet fulfilled the requirement of the court and has not provided any evidence in the Lavra case.

The court regularly postpones the consideration of claims against the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra because of the reluctance of the Ministry of Culture to provide evidence to support the conclusions of the commission on the monastery, said Metropolitan Clement, head of the UOC Information Department.

Commenting on a recent statement by Tkachenko, head of the Ministry of Culture, that the UOC should vacate the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra within three days, the bishop said that this was out of the question:

"For several months in a row, the Ministry of Culture, in particular the Reserve, have not provided all the necessary documents at the court's request confirming the grounds for unilaterally terminating the said agreement," the hierarch said. “Preparatory sessions of the court are postponed for a month every time. What kind of evictions can we talk about if the court hearings to resolve this dispute have not even begun?"

As reported, the Lavra lawyer said that Tkachenko's statement about evicting the monks was a complete manipulation.

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