OCU accuses President of promoting sexual perversion

"Bishop" of the OCU Adrian Kulyk. Photo: Kulyk's Facebook page

Adrian Kulyk said the concert on Independence Day was "many times worse than the LGBT parade" and called on the OCU to protect the ethnic values of the Ukrainian people.

According to the "bishop" of the OCU, Adrian Kulyk, the celebration of Independence Day, which took place on August 24 on Sofievskaya Square, was "more disgusting and ungodly than LGBT parades" and also accused the president of promoting perverse forms of sexual behavior. Kulyk posted his observations on his Facebook page.

Adrian Kulyk is sure that Zelensky, who "was elected to the highest post in Ukraine by the infantile population of our state," "corrupts the population of Ukraine by promoting perverted forms of human sexual behavior."

According to the “bishop”, the concert that took place in honor of the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine is “blasphemous”, causes “disgusting sensations and indignation”, and the OCU should respond to it: “Zelensky's show is many times more disgusting and ungodly than LGBT parades. Perhaps, it's time for the Church to remember Her vocation and say Her unequivocal word in defense of the moral, spiritual and ethnic values of our pious and believing people."

In the comments to the publication, Kulyk was reminded that the leadership of the OCU was present at the concert (Dumenko and Zoria were present there – Ed.), and also asked why those did not leave this "blasphemous show". In response, the "bishop" said that such accusations would only be appropriate if "the bishops joined the show with dancers."

Earlier, the OCU stated that Vladimir Zelensky "sooner or later" should go to jail.

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