Lviv school with UGCC clerical director accused of bullying disabled pupil

03 June 13:24
UGCC priest Lubomyr Mostovyi. Photo: UGCC priest Lubomyr Mostovyi. Photo:

The mother of a student with Down syndrome accused the school authorities of bullying her son.

A scandal broke out at the Mary Pokrova school for students with hearing impairments in Lviv. Halyna Amelina, the mother of one of the pupils, accused the school authorities of bullying her son Timur. According to her, the school management, led by UGCC priest Lubomyr Mostovyi, is doing everything possible to remove her son from the school, as he is different from other children.

"I am publicly addressing the Government Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Education Ombudsman Serhiy Horbachov with a statement about bullying and harassment of a child with disabilities in the Maria Pokrova school for deaf children of Lviv," Amelina wrote on her Facebook page.

She does not understand why "contrary to Ukrainian law, a representative of religion heads an educational institution". According to Amelina, "it also makes no sense to address the bishop, who said that 'the father is under his personal protection'."

"They have their own interpretation of the law, humanity and morality. I only want one thing, to have adequate and conscientious people working with our children. When someone puts on a cassock and harasses a child with a disability, separating them from society, it should be punished," said the pupil's mother.

The school authorities said on the Facebook page that they were outraged by Amelina's words and called them insinuations and slander.

As reported, UGCC head Sviatoslav Shevchuk feels "pain" that the UOC is not leaving the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.


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