Yan Taksiur: Only Christ can reconcile Ukraine and Russia

27 May 19:44
Orthodox writer Yan Taksiur. Photo: dnesnews.ru Orthodox writer Yan Taksiur. Photo: dnesnews.ru

The publicist said he is not going to participate in the dehumanisation of Ukrainians and Russians.

Orthodox writer and publicist Yan Taksiur, who was exchanged for the Ukrainian military, appealed to all who support him and said that only Christ can reconcile Russians and Ukrainians, reports the ”KozakTv1” YouTube channel.

The writer shared his thoughts on the exchange of prisoners of war.

"You know, when there was an exchange, I looked at those young boys with whom I was exchanged, at those who were coming back. You know, I had only one thought in my heart: what to do to reconcile these people, whom, both these and those, I love? I've been thinking about that for a long time. I think about it all the time. There are so many lies, so much anger. It seems to me that it cannot be solved by human efforts... I think only Christ can reconcile people. Only Christ and prayer to Him. For Christ is Love Himself...," said Yan Taksiur.

The publicist added that he does not intend to participate in the dehumanization of the Ukrainians and Russians.

"I should say right away that I am deeply alien to the elements of dehumanization. When they call for 'shearing the Ukr*ps', 'cutting the r*ssnia'. "To shear" is to kill. All this is an element of dehumanization of people who are dear to me. I do not participate in it. And I don't intend to participate in it. I'm going to try, God willing, to do what I used to do... Talk about Christ, talk about His Church," he concluded.

As previously reported, Yan Taksiur was taken to the Russian Federation on exchange.

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