KDAIS Rector: Charges against UOC for promoting "Russian world" are unfair

26 May 16:38
KDAiS Rector: Archbishop Silvester (Stoychev). Photo: dialogtut.org KDAiS Rector: Archbishop Silvester (Stoychev). Photo: dialogtut.org

Archbishop Silvester noted that life has proved unfair charges against UOC for promoting the "Russian world".

Most clergymen of the UOC clearly sided with Ukraine after the full-scale Russian invasion, which proves the unfairness of the UOC being accused of the propaganda of the "Russian world", Archbishop Silvester, kDAiS Rector, wrote in his article for DialogTut.

"After February 24, 2022, we have not seen a mass collaboration of the UOC clergy with the aggressor. Despite the fact that for years our Church has been accused of the propaganda of the "Russian world" and even preparation of a Russian invasion, life has proved the unfairness of these charges," the hierarch noted.

At the same time, Archbishop Silvester admits that there were facts of collaboration in the UOC, but it was not a mass phenomenon among the clergy.

According to him, there are thousands of treason or collaboration cases in Ukrainian courts, but only a few dozen of them have to do with representatives of the Church.

"This needs to be spoken about honestly and joined to an impartial investigation. Only on the basis of such an investigation will the Church be able to make balanced church-judicial decisions," the bishop added.

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