Court: The man who started a fight in Khmelnytsky cathedral is not a military

19 May 11:05
Artur Ananyev. Photo: Artur Ananyev. Photo:

The Khmelnytsky court established that Artur Ananyev, who provoked a fight in the Intercession Cathedral of the UOC, is not a Ukrainian military man.

Artur Ananyev, who attacked clergymen of the UOC in the Intercession Cathedral in Khmelnytsky, had nothing to do with the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the time of the conflict. Roman Kosiuk, the lawyer of Subdeacon Ihor Slobodian, told Misto journalists about this.

The lawyer said that Ananyev's lawyers themselves submitted a certificate from the Pension Fund to the court. According to the document, Ananyev was not officially employed at the time of the fight, which refutes the media's claims about the alleged "beating of a military clergyman of the UOC."

The lawyer also noted that about a hundred witnesses of the fight in the Intercession Cathedral have already submitted statements to the police "about Artur Ananyev's commission of a crime under Art. 180 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (obstruction of a religious rite – Ed.)".

"Ananyev came to the temple wearing a military uniform and at the same time started to obstruct a religious ceremony, according to my protégé Slobodian and to a number of citizens who filed an application. By his actions, he committed an offence and was detained by Slobodian and other citizens as a criminal," Kosiuk added.

As the UOJ reported, the mass media exposed a fake story about the "beating of a military man" in the Khmelnytsky Cathedral.

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