Orthodox Ukrainians record a song-appeal to Zelensky

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: 24tv.ua

"What will you tell us today, President?" Ukrainians turned to Zelensky a year after his election promises of peace and the rule of law in the country.

Orthodox Ukrainians have recorded a song-appeal to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky with the hope that he will finally break his silence about the ongoing lawlessness in the country, including against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Composer Vladimir Bystriakov, journalist Ruslan Kotsaba and others took part in the project, prepared by the “1Kozak” channel.

“Nothing to add, everything is in the song. Save, Lord, all whose participation and goodwill helped to give birth to this message,” says the description of the project, published on the “1Kozak” YouTube on August 12, 2020.

What did not fit into the song was voiced by the “1Kozak” editor and the UOC parishioner Nikolai Moiseenko. Addressing the President of Ukraine, he recalled his election promises and granted hope for peace.

“What do we see a year later? The Ukrainian Orthodox Church, whose believers unequivocally voted against the criminal Poroshenko regime and for you, this Church and its faithful continue to be persecuted, humiliated, and beaten, its churches seized; they mock at them in the mass media, discriminate at the local level, express hatred and incite outright hostility, commit attacks, dehumanize, calling them rats and Muscovites who have no place in Ukraine, and call for deportation. <...> When almost every day they defame, beat, burn and spit in the feelings of the believers of the largest confession of Ukraine, whose believers have elected you president so that you can finally establish constitutional order in the country, you are silent. Dear Mr. President, hear this cry. <...> Our choice was Zelensky, not Poroshenko. So, prove that there was really a choice, that we were not mistaken. Take action, Mr. President!” Nikolai Moiseenko called on Vladimir Zelensky.

As the UOJ reported, the choirs of the three Ukrainian Lavras joined together in the "Our Faith" song on the Day of the Christianization of Rus’.

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