Dumenko to admit UOC bishops and priests into OCU "through repentance"

11 May 15:29
Dumenko will now admit selectively to the OCU. Photo: donpatriot Dumenko will now admit selectively to the OCU. Photo: donpatriot

Dumenko will check UOC clerics who wish to join the OCU "not to destroy the OCU from within".

The head of the OCU, Serhiy Dumenko, said in an interview with the “Volynski Novyny” that from now on he will accept bishops and priests into his structure only through repentance.

According to Dumenko, when admitting to the OCU, it is very important to determine whether the priest has not supported the ideology of the "Russian world".

"On this point, you can be convinced very easily – from the words of the community," says the head of the OCU. As for all the others, the situation is more complicated. Dumenko agrees to accept them only through repentance.

"Of course, those clerics and bishops who openly preach this ideology, who have Russian passports, but in the future want to join the OCU, must repent, renounce Russian citizenship and renounce the ideology of the Russian world," says the head of the OCU.

And only in this case "there will be an appropriate decision on their admission to the OCU". According to Dumenko, "Ukrainian society cares about this”. Therefore, Epiphany's associates will "check, do everything to ensure that such people, coming to the Ukrainian Church, do not destroy it from within".

Earlier, Dumenko called the UOC priests and believers parasites who do not recognize Ukrainian independence and do not love the Ukrainian people.

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