Lviv National Corps boasts of attacking UOC priest’s house in Zolochiv

Lviv National Corps boasted of an attack on the house of the UOC priest in Zolochiv. Photo:

Lviv National Corps owns up to the attack on the priest's house in Zolochiv. The activists claim they disrupted the "illegal services" of the UOC community.

On August 6, 2020, the Lviv National Corps published a video statement in which it was announced that the attack on the private house of the UOC cleric Priest Maksim Yoenko, whom representatives of the UGCC and local authorities accused of illegal construction of a church in the courtyard, is due to the fact that the Moscow Patriarchate is engaged in “illegal worship” on the site. The video was published on the page of NC "Lvivshchyna" on Facebook.

The activists claim they "disrupted the illegal construction of a Moscow church in Zolochiv," where the UOC, according to them, "holds illegal and undeclared services."

Therefore, the nationalists say, they "demolished the illegal fence, which had been installed against the will of society and the norms of improvements."

Members of the National Corps also assert that "the church of the occupier openly disregarded the decision of the executive committee of the Zolochiv city council, which ordered the owner to demolish the illegal fence on July 13," and therefore, "due to the helplessness of the authorities, the nationalists took the initiative into their own hands" and demolished fencing of the private house.

“We will not allow representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate to expand in the Lviv region,” activists say.

As reported by the UOJ, on August 6, 2020, local masked militants with hammers destroyed the fence of the private house of the UOC cleric Priest Maksim Yoenko, who had been earlier accused of illegal construction of a church in the courtyard by representatives of the UGCC and local authorities. The conflict around the priest's house began due to the fact that UGCC clerics protested against the construction of a temple of the canonical Church. After that, Fr. Maxim's gate was painted with insults and Nazi symbols, an anti-UOC veche (meeting) was held near his house, he and his family were told to leave the city, and later the authorities installed a video surveillance camera in the priest's courtyard.

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