Poroshenko says he is proud of Tomos case brought against him

On the Day of the Christianization of Rus’, Petro Poroshenko recalled his contribution to the creation of the OCU. Photo: screenshot/facebook.com/petroporoshenko

It took more than a thousand years to get its own independent church, the flourishing of which “no one can freeze”, stressed the ex-president of Ukraine.

On July 28, 2020, Petro Poroshenko, the people's deputy of Ukraine, the head of the “European Solidarity” Party, recorded a video congratulation to the Ukrainians on the occasion of the celebration of the “Day of the Christianization of Rus’-Ukraine”, in which he recalled his services in the formation of the OCU.

“Of the dozens of politically motivated cases brought against me by Zelensky’s order, there is one that I am especially proud of,” Poroshenko said in a video message posted on his official Facebook page. “This is the case of the Tomos, which granted independence to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. That’s incredible: such a case is also being investigated."

He stressed that in the office of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskyy "people who openly lobby the interests of the Russian Church in Ukraine are now working, despite the fact that the ROC fully and unconditionally supports the Kremlin's revanchist imperial policy". In particular, according to him, it goes about the blocking of the law on the forced renaming of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is "masked under a Ukrainian sign", as well as the law on "the right to free transfer of communities to the independent Orthodox Church of Ukraine".

“But no one will be able to freeze the flourishing of our Church and its recognition by other Orthodox Churches,” Poroshenko added. “The OCU is growing and expanding. It is strengthening its authority among Ukrainians. This achievement is irreversible. After Christianization, it took over a thousand years to get their own independent church. But only that fruit for which you have to work hard is truly valuable."

In conclusion, the ex-president wished the Ukrainians to protect and strengthen "our unity, our spiritual freedom and our free independent European Ukraine, founded by Vladimir the Great".

Earlier, Poroshenko boasted of the creation of the OCU, which became "a bone in the throat of the aggressor".

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