Greek hierarch about Hagia Sophia: West and East sold us once again

Metropolitan Damaskinos of Didymoteicho. Photo:

The hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Church believes that the international community is silent about Hagia Sophia’s status change as it pursues its own interests.

On July 17, 2020, the head of the Didymoteicho Metropolis of the Greek Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Damaskinos (Karpathakis), stated that in the situation with Hagia Sophia’s status change, “East and West sold us once again”, reports the Greek resource "Romfea".

“These days, grief and untold pain are being experienced by Greeks all over the world, after the recent attempt of the leader of the neighboring country to turn, after 86 years, into a mosque again Hagia Sophia, this sacred symbol of millions of Orthodox, the ark of the saints and the boast of Christianity, the Palladium of civilization, on which the culture of Europe is based,” said the Greek hierarch.

Metropolitan Damaskinos believes that “it is an insult and a challenge for all of us who grew up with the values that Hagia Sophia represents. These days the dignity and faith of an entire people are being tested”.

Metropolitan Damaskinos believes that the international community did not respond properly to Turkey’s decision to change the status of Hagia Sophia because it pursues its own interests. “The West and the East are silent because they have their interests. They sold us once again,” resumed the Greek hierarch.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that Metropolitan Seraphim of the Greek Orthodox Church of Piraeus, discussing a possible change in the status of Hagia Sophia, said that Greece is investing in the Western world, which then betrays it.


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