UOC hierarch donates his car and UOC cleric – his flat to repair cathedral

Nativity Cathedral of Tulchyn, a national architectural monument. Photo: tulchin.org.ua

To repair the roof of the Nativity Cathedral – an architectural monument of national importance – Bishop Sergiy sold his car, and Protodeacon Sergiy sold his apartment.

Bishop Sergiy (Anitsoy) of Ladyzhyn sold a personal car, while diocesan steward Protodeacon Sergiy Gradilenko sold his apartment to help restore the Tulchyn Nativity Cathedral in the Vinnytsia Region. This was reported on the website of the Tulchyn Eparchy.

The ruling bishop of the eaprchy, Metropolitan Jonathan (Yelets) of Tulchyn and Bratslav, thanked the hierarch and the clergyman for their sacrifice.

“Vladyka Sergiy, having sold his car, and Protodeacon Sergiy – his private apartment, sent the proceeds to repair the roof of the cathedral. My honor and praise to you,” Metropolitan Jonathan emphasized at the diocesan meeting of the clergy of the Tulchyn Eparchy, which was held on July 16, 2020.

Bishop Sergiy is the rector of the cathedral. He said that work had been completed to replace the roof of the cathedral, which was destroyed by a hurricane in 2019.

The bishop also thanked the MP of Ukraine Vadim Novinsky and other benefactors for their help in the restoration of the Nativity Cathedral.

The district and regional state administrations did not respond to repeated requests for help in the restoration of the cathedral, an architectural monument of national importance, Bishop Sergiy stated with regret.

The religious community of the Nativity Cathedral has yet to repair the interior of the cathedral complex and pay a considerable debt, which the faithful had to incur in order to urgently take measures to eliminate the pre-emergency situation.

To provide all possible assistance to the parishioners of the cathedral, one can use a money transfer. The recipient is the religious community of the Nativity Cathedral of Tulchyn of the Tulchyn Eparchy of the UOC. The abbreviated name is “RG of the Nativity Cathedral”, EDRPOU 38815180, MFO 302689, Vinnytsia branch of PrivatBank.

Bank account numbers:

USD: UA273026890000026000055357659

EUR: UA743026890000026003055356226

UAH: UA043026890000026000055317042

The Tulchyn Cathedral of the UOC in honor of the Nativity of Christ was erected at the expense of Duke Stanislav Pototsky in the 18th century (presumably in 1786-1817). On July 2, 2019, the storm damaged many buildings in Tulchyn, including the cathedral. His parishioners appealed to all concerned for help.

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