Lviv mayor: In 2 days we have finished the history of UOC in the city

06 April 17:39
Lviv mayor. Photo: Lviv mayor. Photo:

The Lviv mayor, Andriy Sadovyi, announced on his Telegram channel that the canonical UOC has ceased to exist in the city.

"In these two days ended the history of the Moscow Patriarchate in our city," Sadovyi wrote.

Sadovyi specified that the wooden Church of Prince Volodymyr, Equal-to-the-Apostles, has been demolished, while other churches of the UOC will be transferred to the schismatic OCU or other organizations.

"The self-construction on Sykhiv has been dismantled. The temple in Bobanych Street will now be used by the religious community of OCU. The premises in Pikarska Street have officially been taken over by the First Medical Association. The OCU monastery, which is located there, will continue its services, the owner of the premises in Antonovych Street has broken the agreement with the Moscow Patriarchate. This parish stopped its services," said the mayor.

Sadovyi thanked all those who helped terminate the canonical UOC in the city.

"Thank you to everyone who joined in and without provocation helped to finish the history of the Moscow Patriarchate in our city in these two days. For respect for the law, restraint and tolerance," he said.

The mayor posted a photo of a church calendar from the defeated St. Volodymy's Church, signing it: "'Mai' (May in Rus.) will never come. Only warm Ukrainian ‘traven’ (May in Ukr.)."

As earlier reported, Lviv's mayor spoke about his plans for the UOC property.

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