Novinsky about quarantine: God, not President or PM, rules the world

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vadim Novinsky. Photo: a video screenshot of the YouTube channel “Vlast vs Vlashchenko”

If you close the temples, the disease will spread even more, said the people’s deputy of Ukraine.

People’s deputy of Ukraine Vadim Novinsky explained why churches shouldn’t have been closed during the quarantine period and reminded that God rules the world, not politicians.

“Doctors heal the human body, and the Church heals the human soul. And what is the root cause of any disease? This is a human sin. Where is the sin atoned for? In the temple, in the church,” Novinsky said on the YouTube channel "Vlast vs Vlashchenko". “Temples mustn’t be closed. Once you close the temples, believe me, the disease will spread even more. Because the Lord is the Giver of all life, and He rules the world. It’s not the President or the Prime Minister, but the Lord that rules the world. ”

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine drew the attention of the audience to the fact that in Bulgaria and Georgia they also did not close churches.

He noted that the UOC almost everywhere observed the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, although there were provocations from its opponents.

Novinsky explained that clerics of the Church do not have the right to forbid people from attending churches since before the ordination to the dignity, each of the clergy took an oath before God.

The Lord is stronger than some kind of coronavirus, and therefore, where God's grace works, the disease is weak, said the Ukrainian MP.

Earlier, Vadim Novinsky has spoken of how he became a deacon of the Church.

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