Khmelnytsky Eparchy comments on "beating of the military man" in cathedral

02 April 13:48
An assault in Khmelnytsky. Photo: An assault in Khmelnytsky. Photo:

The mummer in uniform provoked the conflict by insulting the clergyman, throwing him off the pulpit, knocking the Gospel out of his hands and throwing it on the floor.

Oleksandr Rybchinsky, Secretary of the Khmelnytsky Eparchy of the UOC, told the UOJ that today at the Divine Liturgy a man in military uniform entered the cathedral (later he told the police that he had nothing to do with the military!) and staged a provocation there.

When the protodeacon went out to read the Gospel, the man dressed in uniform began to insult the clergyman in the presence of 100 people, threw him off the pulpit, knocked the Gospel out of his hands and threw it on the floor.

“That's why we had to defend ourselves, that's why the police opened a criminal case against him. It was a provocation,” the secretary of the eparchy told the UOJ.

According to the press service of the Khmelnytsky Eparchy, activist Artur Ananev turned out to be a provocateur, who, following the instructions of the deputy of the Khmelnytsky Regional Council Viktor Burlyk, attacked the clergyman of the Holy Intercession Cathedral, disrupted the service, doused and damaged the Holy Gospel in the presence of more than 100 parishioners.

“The police and the SBU were immediately called to the scene. The actions of the young man who put on a military uniform, although he has nothing to do with the military (as he personally told the police) are provocative,” the eparchy added.

As previously reported, shouting “Long live Satan”, a pagan staged a provocation at the Lavra.

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