Questions about Crimea and OCU: Radicals explain how to provoke in the Lavra

31 March 12:42
Activists in the Lavra. Photo: UOJ Activists in the Lavra. Photo: UOJ

The radicals were given the task of "choosing lone targets" for their provocations.

C14 leader Yevhen Karas urged his supporters to come to the Lavra and told how exactly to provoke the believers of the UOC. A recording of the briefing hit the social networks and was published on the Lavra live telegram channel.

“Divide into twos and threes, three is ideal. One, more talkative and cheerful, is speaking as the other two are filming. One is nearby, the other is 10 meters away. The one that films close does it imperceptibly, only the legs, we need only to hear. Perhaps it will be possible to fix the moment of aggression. The one from afar will definitely be able to capture the entire moment of the conflict. The one that speaks has to troll and ask uncomfortable questions,” Karas instructed.

He gave his henchmen a whole list of "uncomfortable" questions, including, "Did you call on people to go to war?"; “How can you comment that Sergey Zhurikov was one of the first militants?”; “Why didn’t they kick Girkin out of the Lavra?”; "Whose Crimea?"; "Why don't they want to join the OCU?"

Karas called the last question about the OCU “boring”, the rest, in his opinion, will surely trigger aggression in people, which needs to be filmed.

Karas also gave his people the task of "choosing lonely targets."

“The priest goes to talk on the phone. Follow him straight and listen to what he says there. You have a right to do it. Just mock and tease them so that they fly off the handle. And don't be afraid that something will happen. A granny pouring yogurt on you or kicking you is the maximum you can expect,” said the C14 leader.

“This is war,” he said. “Holy shit – to recapture the Lavra! This is a global task, and if you help in this at least half a percent...”

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, believers defend their shrine.

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