Radicals about their purpose in Lavra: EU must consider UOC terrorists

31 March 11:51
Radicals in the Lavra. Photo: UOJ Radicals in the Lavra. Photo: UOJ

The radicals say that their task is to provoke the believers of the UOC to aggression so that the Europeans perceive them as terrorists.

The instructions of the leader of the radicals Yevgeny Karas, where he explains that provocations against believers in the Lavra are needed in order to provoke them to aggression and thereby present them as terrorists in the eyes of the international community, have been leaked to the Net. The recording was posted on the Lavra live telegram channel.

“The task is to troll all the most aggressive, to troll Pasha Mercedes (Metropolitan Pavel, abbot of the Kyiv Caves Lavra, as he is called by certain Ukrainian media and radicals – Ed.), to film that they behave like cattle. But you can't fight here. If they start beating you, you just tell them that they are rednecks. You can say – police, help, etc.,” Karas says in a secret instruction for his minions.

According to him, their task is “to act as a catalyst for the conflict, to show that they behave like aggressors. Because if the special forces come there to take away the Lavra, all their aggressive behavior will help a lot. So that everyone, including Europeans, would say that this is some kind of a terrorist group, not monks.”

Recall that in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, believers defend their shrine.

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