“The task is to film monkeys,” Karas gives "how-to" on provocations in Lavra

31 March 11:19
"Guests" in the Lavra. Photo: Lavra Live

The leader of the radicals gave secret instructions for organizing provocations in the Lavra.

C14 leader Yevhen Karas gave instructions to his supporters on how to organize provocations against the monks and believers in the Lavra. A recording of the briefing became viral on the social networks and was published on the Lavra live telegram channel.

“Do not take weapons with you because the police will cause problems,” Karas said and explained how to organize provocations: “We need to divide into threes. One films, another, more talkative, talks. This is how the trio works: the first who comes up to speak should not give himself away that there are two more people with him. The one who films, at point-blank range, can do it as if imperceptibly. So that the person does not understand that you are filming him. That is, the first speaks, the second films standing close, and the third films at a distance.”

The leader of the radicals explains that the task is “to film monkeys, stupid quotes, the aggression of these priests. And we will have a video that they behave like the worst cattle. And if they overact somewhere, then we take lawyers, write a statement. It hits them very hard. The police won't detain them right away. They will be detained later, when they go home – after all, all their muzzles are there. ”

Recall that believers defend their shrine in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

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