Karas urges radical groups to attack believers in Lavra

30 March 19:13
Evgen Karas. Photo: babel.ua Evgen Karas. Photo: babel.ua

The C14 leader told his supporters that it is better to attack lonely believers of the UOC in a group – so that there is an advantage in numbers and speed.

On March 30, 2023, the leader of the right-wing radical organization C14, Evgen Karas, called on radicals in groups to attack believers of the UOC in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

On his Telegram channel, Karas wrote to supporters: “Come to the Lavra, group with those who have smiles on their faces. All demons are in black bags... Remember. The devil put a curse on them. Heaven wants you to drive these demons out.

Unite, have conversations, and record. If a male separatist maggot fights off the pack and goes one by one towards the metro, do (in a group, preference in number and speed) urgent catechesis and move away,” Karas called on the radicals.

As reported, the UOC commented on the possibility of the forcible seizure of the Kyiv Lavra.

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