Insider: Security forces can “find” drugs or weapons in the Lavra

30 March 16:35
Police on the Lavra territory. Photo: Police on the Lavra territory. Photo:

The Telegram channel "Legitimniy" notes that now there is a massive information campaign to discredit the clergy of the UOC.

The authorities can give the security forces a command to carry out provocations on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra to discredit the monks and believers of the UOC, reports the "Legitimniy" Telegram channel.

According to the channel, “Zelenskyy wants to evict the clergy/monks from the Lavra by force.” The authors, referring to the inside, write that there were attempts to dissuade the President of Ukraine "pointing out that this is a bad scenario for the country as a whole".

“Now there is a mass information campaign to discredit the clergy. All stories will be pumped up with propaganda and slander against the UOC,” the message of the telegram channel says.

An insider source of "Legitimniy" warns of impending provocations. “The security forces will bring something with them, and then they will allegedly find it on the territory of the Lavra. Perhaps drugs, weapons, a plan to "seize Kyiv" (sarcasm), etc. Most likely, "their" clergymen (OCU) and radical activists will be involved in the takeover,” the publication says.

As reported, the UOC Chancellor, Metropolitan Anthony, said that only a court can evict the UOC from the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.


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