UOC cleric: People distracted from impoverishment by search for "enemies"

Archpriest Alexander Klimenko. Photo: facebook.com/Alexander Klimenko

Ukrainians are distracted from extreme impoverishment by a proven method – the search for internal and external “enemies”, said Archpriest Alexander Klimenko.

On July 1, 2020, Priest Alexander Klimenko, a clergyman of the Boryspil Eparchy of the UOC, wrote about media attacks on the UOC and the fact that Ukrainians are being distracted from economic problems by searching for “enemies” on his Facebook page.

According to him, in recent years it has become a trend for the media to “come down” on the UOC, blaming it for their own sins and failures: “This primitive rhetoric from the media always turns into bazaar disputes on the ground, and then almost each, imitating dirty information cliches, shouts to the first priest or UOC layman that "you and only you with your services have infected the whole people!"

At the same time, he explains that all services in the UOC are carried out in compliance with quarantine requirements.

He emphasizes that “from extreme impoverishment” the Ukrainian people are distracted “by a tried and tested method – by searching for internal and external “enemies”, as the Bolsheviks did before.

“I think historical memories and assessments of such actions will be similar to those that we now have about the persecutors of the Church of the twentieth century. We will wait. And, believe me, we’ll survive another crazy amok of theirs. Because the Church has the experience of going out of the grave,” concluded the priest.

As reported, earlier Archpriest Alexander Klimenko, a clergyman of the Boryspil Eparchy of the UOC, explained the danger of holding LGBT parades.


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