“Priest” of OCU: We, Poroshenko-bots, are young and dauntless

Petro Poroshenko, Alexander Dediukhin and Patriarch Bartholomew. Photo: president.gov.ua

“Priest” Alexander Dediukhin said that Poroshenko and his supporters have “a much broader and better vista” and called everyone to come to the Pechersk Court building.

The main feature of "Poroshenko-bots” is youth and prospects unlike continual decay, withering and death of the others. Alexander Dediukhin, member of the OCU and ardent supporter of the fifth president of Ukraine, wrote about this on his Facebook page on the eve of the court hearing in the case of Petro Poroshenko.

According to the “priest”, he “finally understood the phenomenon of being a ”Poroshenko-bot, which “will never fail” and sooner or later will bring the supporters of ex-president Poroshenko a “stunning victory”.

“We will not even talk about brains, IQ, talents and other virtues of Poroshenko camp,” he wrote. “I mean the Most Important Factor that determines its vector. It is precisely this factor that Poroshenko and Poroshenko-bots are hated for, but it is their Main Factor being so powerful, resilient, weighty, strong, active, outstanding and influential that sooner or later this Factor will make those bots victorious. Here it is – youth. The point is not about age. Each of us may be quite old. It's not about the years but the feeling; about energy, prospects and opportunities. We can do a lot precisely because we are young and dauntless.”

Comparing an "experienced Poroshenko-bot" with a boy who, having seen a hole in the old fence, will surely get in there "looking for new opportunities for his personal development," Dediukhin noted that "of course, because of our youth, there are sometimes not very pleasant situations, but our mistakes are related to our growth and prospects, rather than continual decay, withering and death like with the others.”

“Poroshenko and his fellow thinkers are young and inspiring for each other, so we toe the line. Our prospects are much broader and more beautiful than what we have experienced before. The Most Important Factor will not let us down, you’ll see,” the “clergyman” of the OCU stressed and urged all like-minded people to come to the building of the Pechersk District Court in Kyiv on July 1, 2020, where they will consider the issue of choosing a preventive measure for Poroshenko, “so that old, cowardly and the moldy victims would shit themselves even more.”

We will remind, earlier the representative of the OCU Alexander Dediukhin said that Vladimir Zelensky should go to jail and compared Petro Poroshenko with the Apostle Peter and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

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