UOC hierarch: Constitution should not be hostage to political slogans

The UOC Chancellor, Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary. Photo: facebook.com/MitropolitAntoniy

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) believes that the Constitution should not become a hostage to political programmes and slogans under any circumstances.

On June 28, 2020, on Constitution Day, Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary, the UOC Chancellor, wrote on his Facebook page that violations of the Basic Law always lead to strife and instability.

"Today our country celebrates Constitution Day. It is a holiday of our independence and freedom, sovereignty and self-sufficiency. Moreover, it symbolizes all those public, social, political and other achievements, which are established in the Basic Law to ensure the comprehensive development and welfare of both our Motherland and our people.

On this basis, the proper implementation of the Constitution of Ukraine is extremely important. This approach is the key to preserving unity, mutual understanding and peace within the Ukrainian society. In turn, any violations of the Basic Law always lead to strife and instability," the hierarch wrote.

He stressed that "under no circumstances should the Constitution become a hostage to the implementation of certain political programmes and slogans. After all, the violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms, discrimination of millions of fellow citizens on a certain basis, the actual division of Ukrainians into the "right" and the "wrong" at the same time reverse other rights guaranteed by the Basic Law. And this poses a threat not only to a proper public environment but also to the statehood itself.

That is why, realizing our responsibility before God, our own conscience, as well as previous, present and future generations, all of us should make every effort to protect and ensure the proper implementation of our Constitution.

"The best way to do this is to be with God. After all, relying on Him, following His laws, observing the norms of the Christian life, we will receive inspiration, strength and effectively implement earthly laws, as well as be worthy sons of our Motherland. This is very important, because, as St. Nicholas of Serbia said, "people who do not know how to keep peace in their hearts, will not be able to keep it in the state," concluded the bishop.

As reported earlier, President Vladimir Zelensky urged not to divide the Ukrainians into the "right" and the "wrong”.


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