Romanian Church’s spokesman: Goal of gender ideology – destruction of faith

Vasile Bănescu, the spokesman for the Romanian Patriarchate. Photo:

The spokesman for the Romanian Patriarchate thinks that gender ideology is toxic to the community, it leads to the demolition of the society based on faith and morality.

Vasile Bănescu, the spokesman for the Romanian Church, sent a message regarding gender ideology, which he described as “an artificial ideational construction” aimed at the progressive demolition of the society built on faith and morality, reports “Orthodox Times”.

According to him, gender ideology is “an artificial ideational construction, so-called cultural, oriented in line with reality, with logic, biology, anthropology, the order of nature. An ideology meant to justify an absurd, therefore harmful, topic on the agenda of regressive, hyper sexualizing progressivism, disintegrating logic and public morality”.

“The (un)declared purpose? The progressive demolition of the society built on faith, order, respect for the past and its moral landmarks (saints and heroes), tradition, family, discipline, effort, honest emulation and axiological selection,” said Vasile Bănescu.

As reported earlier, Catholic priests held a conference on working with LGBT believers.


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