Metropolitan Anthony: UOC believers ready to defend their shrines

17 March 22:04
Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanych). Photo: Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanych). Photo:

The Kyiv Metropolis of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is receiving news from all over Ukraine of the willingness of parishioners to stand up for the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

The believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are ready to defend the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, which the authorities plan to take away on March 29, said Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary, the UOC Chancellor, at a press conference.

"Every day in the last period the Kyiv Metropolis has received information from all corners of our state that the believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are determined to defend their shrines," the bishop said. “Perhaps for someone, it is "museum exhibits" as it has been recently stated, but for the faithful people the monastery, relics are the shrines that are very important in their lives. And we know from history that people are ready to do anything [for them].

Vladyka drew journalists' attention to the fact that even on a weekday there were many worshippers at the Lavra.

"People, knowing that such a situation is possible, that the Lavra will be closed, want to visit the caves and our temples while they are with the canonical Church. And when people feel that this shrine is being taken away from them, I think they will be ready to do quite a lot," the archbishop noted.

He stressed that "our believers, our brothers do not just protect some earthly structures, earthly buildings, they protect their faith, which created these beautiful churches, which are the hallmark of Ukraine”.

"It is related to our faith, to Christ. And those who do such grief not only to the brethren but in general to the Body of the Church, should understand that people will defend Christ, defend their faith, they will do it sincerely and for this, they will receive the crown of eternal life," said the Metropolitan.

As reported, Metropolitan Anthony said that it was necessary to avoid confrontations in the Lavra between people with an aggressive attitude towards the UOC and believers.


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