Vadim Novinsky tells how he became a deacon of the Church

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The Ukrainian MP does not see any sensation in his ordination as a deacon of the UOC, as this is what he has been going for a long time.

The path to the priesthood was a long and difficult one, but “thank God this happened”, Vadim Novinsky, MP of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, noted in the Parsuna program on Spas TV channel, talking about an ordination event two months ago in his life as the deacon of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“It was a very difficult and long way, because before I became a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, I was a businessman, industrialist. Of course, then it was difficult for me to imagine that I could become a deacon, a clergyman. The Lord let it like that, and I am very happy that this happened,” he emphasized.

The parliamentarian said that as early as 7-8 years ago "there were several attempts to make this happen, but, apparently, it was not the right time then."

“And this year, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry during one of the conversations said that he wanted to ordain me as a deacon,” added Vadim Novinsky. “I just said that I have a restriction – I am a deputy and engaged in political activities, and, as far as I know, when one reads the deacon’s oath on the Gospel, there are such provisions that a clergyman has no right to engage in political activities and cannot be in one of the parties. Nevertheless, His Beatitude blessed me saying that ‘the Lord will lead you to where you need to, rely on the Lord in everything’."

According to the deputy, in politics you can remain yourself and be a "normal person".

“Politics, especially in Ukraine, is a mixture of intrigue, betrayal, some kind of lies, deceit,” he explained. “When you are involved in it, willy-nilly, you come into contact with all this; there is some kind of imprint on every person. It is sometimes said that politics has its own truth and honor. No, honor either exists or it does not exist, and the truth either exists or does not exist. It cannot be so that in ordinary life you are one person, but in politics you are different. You can be a normal person, not lie, not offend other people and be natural. Such a person can also work in politics without any intrigue, hypocrisy, lies, and unfulfilled promises. Thus, you cannot violate the deacon’s oath. After all, what is not allowed to do? You cannot insult another person, you cannot violate the commandments, you cannot lie. If you promised – do it, if you can’t do it – don’t promise. This is the life of an Orthodox person, not only a deacon, but any Orthodox layperson who is engaged in political activities and economic activities. This builds up the reputation and good name of a politician, businessman, whatever.”

Novinsky emphasized that in his priestly rank "there is no sensation: this is what I have been going for, what my soul has been striving for, and thank God this event happened."

“I am infinitely grateful to His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry that he blessed me to make this step and performed the ordination. (...) I do not know what will happen next – whether there will be the next step or not. This happened 2 months ago. I really like this ministry. With fear and trepidation, I participate in divine services each time. What will happen next – only God knows whether there will be ordination as the priest or not. The Lord will dispose,” the MP said.

As reported by UOJ, earlier Vadim Novinsky said that Ukraine needs to use more peacekeeping potential of the UOC.

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