Lavra abbot: They come to me and say – unite with Epifaniy

14 March 15:15
Metropolitan Pavel, vicar of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Photo: Metropolitan Pavel, vicar of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Photo:

Metropolitan Pavel said that he was offered to unite with the head of the OCU, but the hierarch did not accept the offer.

Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities suggested that Metropolitan Pavel, the abbot of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, unite with the head of the OCU, Epifaniy Dumenko, said the UOC hierarch in an interview with the UOJ.

According to him, such proposals only sow enmity between people, while the UOC does everything for peace and prosperity in Ukraine.

"Here some representatives of the authorities come to me and say: 'Unite with Epifaniy'. What can I say? Who should we unite with? Let Dumenko first get his legitimate ordination," the Metropolitan noted.

Vladyka stressed that Epifaniy will be forgotten in the same way as Filaret Denisenko was forgotten in his time:

"After all, I, for example, am not putting on the patriarchal koukoulion because that would just be a travelling circus," he said. “We used to be urged to unite with Filaret. Now everyone has forgotten about him. The time will come and it will be the same with Epifaniy.

The abbot considers it impossible to have any communication with people who pose themselves as Christians but at the same time take over churches.

"It's not like we go to OCU churches, we don't invade them. It's just not Christian. Because they (the leadership of the OCU – Ed.) do not even exist for me. As people - yes, but as the clergy ... Well, what can I talk to them about?” says the hierarch.

As reported, the head of the UOC refused to transfer the UOC to the OCU control.

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