OCU theologian okeys Muslims and Christians pray together at Hagia Sophia

Religious scholar, theologian of the OCU Yuri Chernomorets. Photo: religion.in.ua

Yuri Chernomorets does not see anything bad in bringing antimins and serving the Orthodox liturgy at Hagia Sophia after it becomes a mosque.

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul can be used both as a temple and as a mosque, suggested the religious scholar and theologian of the OCU Yuri Chernomorets.

“By the way, why not use Hagia Sophia as both a Christian church and a mosque: we do not live in the Middle Ages but a little later,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

According to Mr. Chernomorets, to have it as a mosque and a temple is better than a mosque and much better than a museum.

“I see our hospitality in such a way that we read joyfully when Muslims invite the UOC-KP to use mosques if they don’t have temples. But we cannot picture that the brotherly religion could be present with us in our temple. Therefore, there will be only a museum and a mosque, although in a perfect way it is better to have a museum, a temple and a mosque,” said the theologian of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. “Besides, I do not see any religious syncretism in the use of one room. Bring along an antimins, serve and partake of the communion. And the Muslim worship on Fridays, which resembles our vespers, – why is it bad? I don’t see anything bad about this idea."

Earlier, the Head of the Armenian Church of Istanbul urged to have Hagia Sophia a place of common prayer.

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