UGCC theologian: Tomos launches unification of all Churches of Ukraine

Cleric of UGCC Yuri (Boyko). Photo: screenshot of the video on the YouTube channel "NTA Channel"

It is not the SBI's prerogative to investigate Poroshenko case, since the Tomos is not a political but a “theological act of unity of the Church,” says Yuri Boyko.

The betowal of the Tomos to the OCU marked the beginning of the unification of all the Churches of Ukraine, said the cleric of the UGCC Yuri Boyko on the NTA television channel.

“Tomos is not a political act; Tomos is a theological act of the unity of the Church. It launched the process of unification of the Kyiv Church, which originates from the Holy Vladimir Baptism,” said the cleric of the UGCC. “And this process will end up, I am convinced, with the unification of all the Christian Churches of Ukraine. It was the desire of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, it was the desire of many Orthodox bishops.”

Yuriy Boyko accused the Moscow Patriarchate of allegedly perceiving the “unification of the Ukrainian Church around the Holy Vladimir Baptism” as a political act, while the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine – as “taking up the case that is absolutely outside the competence of this organization”. He compared the actions of the Bureau in this situation with those of the NKVD and called them dangerous "for Ukrainian statehood and the unity of the Ukrainian people."

“It’s strange for me, even marasmic, to see that, first of all, the SBI started a case that is absolutely not within the competence of the State Bureau of Investigation, because if we follow this principle, tomorrow, upon some kind of plaintiff’s complaint, the SBI would hypothetically start the case of the legitimacy of the Union of Berestei in 1596 or the legitimacy of the Baptism by St. Vladimir the Great in 988, because of which the rights of the pagans were violated,” said the cleric of the UGCC.

Earlier, the spokesman of the OCU Eustraty Zoria inquired whether the SBI was investigating the 2014 coup.

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