Phanar hierarch notes great contribution of Pat. Bartholomew to ecumenism

Archbishop Elpidophoros (far right). Photo: romfea

Archbishop Elpidophoros agrees with the words of the French theologian Olivier Clement, who said that ecumenism is a duty for Patriarch Bartholomew.

The Head of the Phanar Archdiocese in the United States, Archbishop Elpidophoros, believes that the contribution of Patriarch Bartholomew to the modern ecumenical movement is very significant, the Romfea website reports.

On June 12, 2020, Archbishop Elpidophoros declared that Patriarch Bartholomew is “a wonderful example of discipline within the holy canons of the Church and the true rule of our Orthodox faith.”

“That's why he led the Holy Synod to the decision on granting autocephaly to the religious Ukrainian people to create the Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” the hierarch said.

In his opinion, Patriarch Bartholomew is the one who can "convene Holy Assemblies of the primates of the Local Orthodox Churches in order to build bridges and strengthen ties and cooperation with Orthodoxy across the world."

He also noted the role of the Head of Phanar “in the peaceful coexistence of religions” and his contribution to the “Bosphorus Declaration”.

In addition, emphasizing the achievements of Patriarch Bartholomew in the ecumenical movement, Archbishop Elpidophoros quoted the words of the French theologian Olivier Clement, who said that “for Bartholomew I ecumenism is not a luxury but a duty”.

“We can, without hesitation, admit that Patriarch Bartholomew exceeded all the expectations of the Church and the world on the day when in October 1991 he was elected the 270th successor to the Apostle Andrew the First-Called,” summed up the Phanar hierarch.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the Head of Phanar convinced the brethren on Mount Athos of the need for unity with the Catholics.

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