Metropolitan Lazar: St. Luke was a radiant sun for the Church

11 June 2020 18:08
Holy Archbishop Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky). Photo: Holy Archbishop Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky). Photo:

Infinitely close and dear to believers, Saint Luke never sought his own interests in life; his image is hidden in silence even now, the UOC hierarch emphasized.

The personality of St. Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky), who was a bright sun for the Church, is steeped in mystery and silence, said Metropolitan Lazar (Shvets) of Simferopol and Crimea. From the pages of the site of the Simferopol Eparchy, he congratulated the faithful on the commemoration day of the saint, who is particularly revered in Crimea, and recalled what his life was like.

“Vladyka’s personality is steeped in an unspoken mystery. His voice was not loud, but the thunderous glory of his miracles swept across the expanses of Crimea and the whole world. His feet were light; however, his exploits were imprinted in the hearts of the believing people. His image seems infinitely close and dear to us, but it is hidden in great silence. So was the blessed God’s elect, who had never sought his own benefits in life,” the hierarch emphasized.

Metropolitan Lazar reminded the flock that from his early age, St. Luke of Crimea longed for only one thing – serving the poor and alleviating people’s afflictions. This desire determined the whole future path of the saint, who also suffered persecution – mockery of the atheistic power, 3 arrests, 11 years in prison and exile.

“However, nothing could shake his fortitude and fidelity to Christ. Being sent to the Crimean See to perform his ministry, this chosen vessel of God made an invaluable contribution to the revival of spiritual life on the peninsula,” said Metropolitan Lazar. “Indeed, through his deeds and virtuous life, Archbishop Luke shone on the Crimean land like a morning star, while for the Church of Christ – he was a brightly shining sun and fragrant myrrh."

The UOC hierarch wished the flock that everyone also perform their ministry in love and harmony for the good of the Church and their neighbors. 

Earlier, the Greek priest spoke about the attitude of St. Luke of Crimea to schism.

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