RCC bishop: Pope with hierarchy creates an infernal religion without morals

Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. Photo: lifesitenews.com

Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is confident that the Catholic Hierarchy is involved in creating a single world religion without dogmas or morals.

The former apostolic nuncio of the Vatican in the United States, Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, believes that the RCC’s leadership of the hierarchy, led by Pope Francis, is creating an infernal religion according to the wishes of Freemasonry. He said about it in a letter published on the marcotosatti.com site.

The Archbishop said that "we can now see with greater clarity the real dimension of the epochal clash between Good and Evil, between the sons of Light and the sons of Darkness."

The Catholic hierarch emphasized that he was shocked by the fact that the top levels of Catholic Hierarchy “are openly placing themselves at the service of the Prince of this world, adopting the demands made by the United Nations for the globalist agenda, Masonic brotherhood, Malthusian ecologism, immigrationism.”

In addition, Vigano believes, the Catholic Hierarchy is involved in creating a single world religion “without dogmas or morals according to the wishes of Freemasonry”, and “Bergoglio (Pope Francis – Ed.), along with those who are behind him and support him, aspires to preside over this infernal parody of the Church of Christ.”

He also noted that a lot of Cardinals, Prelates, Bishops and Catholic media support the idea of a New World Order. In particular, in this series Vigano mentioned such publications as La Civiltà Cattolica, Vatican News, Avvenire and L'Osservatore Romano.

Archbishop Vigano also emphasized that all these people “are so certain of having already reached their objective that they have openly revealed their intentions with arrogance and ostentation, laying aside the prudence and astuteness that formerly permitted them to remain hidden.”

“Behold how openly the proponents of world government and the élites who want to impose their tyranny on the peoples may now be seen; behold how, along with them, a neo-paganism is also openly revealing itself as the religious arm of this tyranny, defined by some as green apostasy,“ writes Vigano.

He believes that “the essential point for effectively conducting a spiritual, doctrinal and moral battle against the enemies of the Church is the persuasion that the present crisis is the metastasis of the conciliar cancer.”

The Archbishop is sure that this disease has a causal relationship with Vatican II "and its logical and necessary consequences over the last sixty years."

He emphasized that “For decades they (the Catholic hierarchs of modernism – Ed.) catechized us with the hateful phrase “there is no going back” with regard to the Liturgy, the Faith, moral teaching, penance, asceticism. Today we hear the same expressions slavishly repeated in the civil sphere, through which the attempt is made to indoctrinate the masses that ‘nothing will be as it was before’.” 

According to Carlo Vigano, “modernism and Covid-19 are part of the same brand”, and “the greatest fear  of those who want us to believe that the race towards the abyss is both unavoidable and unstoppable is that we will not believe them, ignore them, and unmask their conspiracy.”

That is why, the Catholic hierarch is convinced, “our duty today: to open the eyes of many people, both clergy and religious, who have not yet put together the overall picture, limiting themselves to looking at reality only in a partial and disjointed way. As soon as we have helped them to understand the mechanism, they will understand everything else.”

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that, according to Carlo Maria Vigano, measures to combat COVID-19 lead to the creation of a world government.

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