Petition in support of UOC collects nearly 20,000 signatures

10 February 11:31
The Procession of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Photo: The Procession of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Photo:

It took Ukrainians less than a month to collect nearly 20,000 signatures on a petition in support of the UOC.

The petition "Do not ban the UOC" has collected 18,908 signatures on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers – 75.6% of the signatures required for its further consideration by the government.

The authors of the petition demand that the Ukrainian authorities do not ban the Ukrainian Orthodox Church because of the isolated crimes its representatives have committed.

According to them, attempts to ban the UOC will lead to the demoralization of society and may serve Russia's hidden interests regarding the disunity of Ukrainians in the war.

There are 62 days left to collect signatures.

As reported, clones of the "Do not ban the UOC" petition appeared on the Cabinet of Ministers' website.

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