RCC bishop: It is the Church that calls for female clergy

Bishop Georg Batzing. Photo: publik-forum.de

Catholic Bishop Georg Batzing believes that the case against female clergy in the RCC are no longer accepted.

On May 29, 2020, Georg Batzing, a Catholic Bishop of the German city of Limburg, announced that the Church itself "requires female clergy", Publik-Forum.de reports.

Batzing believes that at the moment the issue of having female clergy is still relevant despite the conservative position expressed in the work Ordinatio Sacerdotalis by Pope John Paul II.

Batzing is convinced that now "the Church itself demands female clergy whereby objections are no longer accepted."

In addition, the RCC hierarch wants to allow Christians of other faiths to participate in the Catholic Eucharist and allow Catholics to remember the Last Supper among the Protestants.

Batzing also suggests reconsidering the Church’s attitude towards fornicators and homosexuals, since, according to him, “not many people are worried that relations of these persons do not fit into the canons of the Church.”

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the head of the bishops of the RCC of Germany called to revise the Church’s doctrine on LGBT.

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