"Synod" of the OCU calls on the authorities to ban the UOC

02 February 18:16
Meeting of the Meeting of the "synod" of the OCU. Photo: pomisna.info

The OCU called on the international community to "treat with understanding" the actions of the authorities to ban the UOC.

The "Synod" of the OCU appealed to the Ukrainian authorities with a call to ban the activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The corresponding statement was published on the website of the OCU.

“The OCU supports the need to introduce a legislative ban on the subordination (affiliation) of religious organizations in Ukraine to the religious association in the aggressor country – the Russian Federation. Such a ban does not apply to freedom of religion and belief, but only to administrative and legal issues,” the text says.

Representatives of the OCU noted that the introduction of such restrictions is necessary to protect citizens of Ukraine and religious organizations from "their use by the aggressor for criminal purposes."

The "Synod" stated that according to the "religious expert examination, the religious association ‘UOC’ actually remains part of the ROC."

In this regard, the OCU called on the authorities "to pursue with their efforts aimed at protecting national security in the religious sphere, and the international community to understand and adequately treat the measures taken by Ukraine in its resistance to Russian hybrid aggression."

As reported by the UOJ, the Legal Department of the UOC stated that biased people carried out an examination of the relations of the UOC with Moscow, and their conclusions do not correspond to reality.

The UOJ also reported that the expert examination of the State Ethnopolitics called the UOC "a structural subdivision of the ROC".

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