Media: Sweden uses euthanasia ostensibly for COVID-19 treatment of elderly

81-year-old Jan Andersson, who recovered after his son Thomas demanded that the “treatment” be canceled upon learning the real state of affairs. Photo:

The media made a bombshell statement that patients with coronavirus in the nursing homes of Sweden are given drugs that obstruct breathing.

On May 20, 2020, several foreign media reported that in Sweden, euthanasia is used under the guise of treating patients with COVID-19 in nursing homes. The Polish online publication reported this with reference to the largest Swedish publication Dagens Nyheter (DN).

The DN source was a physician from the hospital of Carolina University in Stockholm, who said that elderly people with coronavirus are given a “palliative cocktail” that significantly accelerates the death of patients with oxygen deficiency. The composition of such a “cocktail” includes morphine, midazolam and chaldol.

“We are not talking about this with colleagues, this is a sensitive issue. Now I see that euthanasia is increasingly being used under the guise of palliative care, the Swedish physician shared with reporters. “Many patients with COVID-19 receive treatment in the same way as people with incurable cancer <...>. When used with patients who suffer oxygen deficiency, this greatly accelerates their death. Relatives often don’t know anything about this.”

According to another DN interlocutor, Professor Invge Gustafsson, those afflicted with COVID-19 should receive drops with nutrients, anticoagulants, oxygen and antibiotics, but instead they are given breathing obstructing medications.

“This is active euthanasia, if not worse,” the scientist emphasized.

He also noted that Swedish hospitals often do not help even the elderly who have a chance to be cured of the coronavirus and survive.

According to Gustafsson, many of these patients could have survived if they had been given oxygen, therefore such medical practice is illegal.

In Sweden, over 3,700 people died from Covid-19, of which more than 50% were in nursing homes.

Previously, WHO called Sweden's coronavirus strategy a future life model. The Swedish strategy is distinguished for the refusal of the Swedish government to introduce severe restrictive measures and rely instead on confidence in the public in relation to keeping physical distance.

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