Dumenko: We will gain a foothold in Kyiv Lavra and look at Pochaiv Lavra

24 January 13:13
Epifaniy Dumenko. Photo: rbc.ua Epifaniy Dumenko. Photo: rbc.ua

The head of the OCU said that his plans include the possession of two Lavras – Kyiv-Pechersk and Pochaiv.

The Pochaiv Lavra, as a stronghold of Orthodoxy in Volhynia, must be in the hands of the OCU. This was stated by Epifaniy Dumenko during an interview on the Suspilne channel.

“We always talk about two Lavras. The process began in Kyiv, gradually, now we will gain a foothold in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and raise the issue of the Pochaiv Lavra,” says Dumenko.

The head of the OCU is sure that since the Kyiv-Pechersk and Pochaiv Lavras are the property of the Ukrainian people, the UOC cannot “dominate” them.

“The shrine should belong to the Ukrainian people, the real Ukrainian Church should serve there,” Epifaniy added.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that Dumenko promised to work on the “renovation” of the Assumption Cathedral of the Lavra.

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