More than 10,000 people sign the petition in support of UOC

24 January 10:10
Parishioners at rallies in support of the UOC. Photo: Parishioners at rallies in support of the UOC. Photo:

More than 10,000 Ukrainians have signed the petition in support of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, with another 15,000 signatures left to collect.

The "Do not ban the UOC" petition, published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, collected almost half of the required signatures in 10 days (41.5% – Ed).

The author of the petition, Yulia Kominko, demands that the Ukrainian authorities not outlaw the Ukrainian Orthodox Church because of isolated crimes committed by some of its representatives.

According to her, the desire to shift the blame of the criminals to the entire Church only leads to the demoralization of society and can serve the hidden interests of the Russian Federation regarding the separation of Ukrainians in the conditions of war.

There are 79 days left until the end of the collection of signatures. In order to sign the document, you need to register on the website with petitions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

As reported by the UOJ, the UN has expressed concern over the bills that could undermine the right to freedom of religion or belief in Ukraine.

The UOJ also wrote that a bill was submitted to the Rada prohibiting the activities of religious organizations in Ukraine that are controlled from the territory of Russia.

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