"Servant of People" may allow Shevchuk and Dumenko to join talks on ORDLO

19 May 2020 14:02
Святослав Шевчук и Епифаний Думенко. Фото: religionpravda.com.ua Святослав Шевчук и Епифаний Думенко. Фото: religionpravda.com.ua

According to the MP Irina Vereshchuk, there are “religious authorities” in Ukraine whose participation in the talks on the Donbass “definitely won't harm the cause”.

The Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk could include the heads of the OCU and the UGCC Epiphany Dumenko and Sviatoslav Shevchuk. Iryna Vereshchuk, an MP from the “Servant of the People” party, said this on the air of “Obozrevatel.TV”, commenting on the initiative voiced by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov to attract the clergy to the negotiation process in the Donbass.

“If this helps the process – yes, I believe that we should expand the representation exactly as much as necessary, and so that it causes acceptance in society,” the representative of the “Servant of the People” noted. “We have authorities on which we can rely, and these include religious authorities. If it is Epiphany or, for example, Mr. Shevchuk, I think that this will certainly not harm the cause.”

To the host’s remark that the presence of these religious leaders can cause an ambiguous reaction from representatives of uncontrolled territories, Vereshchuk explained that she does not see a problem in this.

“In the end, we are talking with Russia – it is a party to the conflict and is responsible for everything that happens in the temporarily occupied part of the Donbass,” she stressed.

As reported earlier, the first deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group for the Settlement of the Situation in the Donbass, Aleksey Reznikov, said that the authorities are looking for “people of those activities that are easy to measure” for negotiations. These are priests, human rights activists, journalists, lawyers, activists, representatives of culture, and sport.”

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