Romanian politician on repression of UOC: Zelensky commits an act of Nazism

21 January 17:56
Gelu Visan. Photo: Gelu Visan. Photo:

Repression against the UOC has no justification, the politician said.

Romanian politician and former MP Gelu Visan said on the air of Romania TV that Zelensky is committing an act of Nazism, arranging repression against the UOC.

"I see that Zelensky, as Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Security forces, is committing an act of Nazism. This footage (SBU searches in UOC eparchies – Ed.) should be sent directly to European courts because here we see the grossest violation of religious rights and human rights, in this footage we observe ethnic and religious cleansing. All this is extremely serious," the politician said.

Visan called the SBU searches in UOC eparchies madness.

"This is madness! The security forces are not in the metropolis but in the church! This is even more terrible! I have been in politics for a long time, I was a politician, now I study and evaluate political processes. I know a lot! Even in the most terrible war, one should not enter a monastery with weapons! If these are the security forces, the servicemen, who, as Zelensky says, are all at war, where did they come from? What are they doing here?", Visan added.

According to him, such actions and measures have no justification whatsoever.

"You realise that in times of war, temples have complete inviolability, they are fully protected! If doubts arise, one should call the abbot, the bishop, outside the monastery, at the gate, for example, and ask what is going on there and whether spies are really there. If not, they are not. They are servants of God! And the way the Ukrainian authorities are acting by sending security forces there - if there are 40 people in the monastery at this moment, then all 40 people can be suspected of spying! What Zelensky is doing now in this particular abode is an act of Nazism," he concluded.

As reported, there is a scandal on Romanian TV: Zelensky was criticised for repressions against the UOC.

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