UOC hierarch: State’s duty is to protect people from child trafficking

46 Ukrainian-born babies who were quarantined and detained in a Kyiv hotel instead of going to their foreign parents. Photo: a video screenshot of the BioTexCom clinic on YouTube channel

Archbishop Theodosius of Boyaka commented on the scandal around 46 infants from the Kyiv hotel born by Ukrainian surrogate mothers for foreigners.

Archbishop Theodosius (Snigirev) of Boyarka, the vicar of the Kyiv Metropolis, commented for the UOJ on the situation with 46 infants from the “Venice” Hotel in Kyiv, born by Ukrainian surrogate mothers for foreigners. The bishop is convinced that the state should legally protect citizens of our country from the humiliation of child trafficking.

"I think the state should take responsibility in solving this problem. It is the state that could regulate this issue with its laws as it is done in civilized countries," said Archbishop Theodosius. “The state should legally protect our women from this humiliation – to see in a child a product, and in itself – a machine for the production of this "product".

The hierarch of the UOC recalled that in most developed countries surrogacy is prohibited.

Surrogacy is a very profitable business, so the pain and negative consequences of this phenomenon are not often spoken about in our society, but the Orthodox Church speaks openly and clearly, added the bishop.

"Any woman, or girl, because of financial problems, making a deal with her heart, violating the natural law of motherhood, will suffer later," he warned those who dare to resort to surrogate motherhood.

Archbishop Theodosius also stressed the inadmissibility of treating the vulnerable human soul as "tribal offspring" and warned about the terrible consequences of surrogacy for all those involved in it.

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