Greek infectious disease specialist: Eucharist does not transmit infection

Eleni Giamarellou. Photo: orthodoxtimes

According to an infectious disease specialist from Greece, the Sacrament of the Eucharist is what unquestionably protects our health.

Eleni Giamarellou, an infectious disease specialist from Greece, believes that coronavirus cannot be transmitted through the Eucharist, according to the Orthodox Times publication .

“Whoever comes to receive the Holy Communion, whether he believes in it or not, participates in the Sacrament, therefore, there is no risk of being afflicted by the coronavirus,” Ms. Giamarellou said.

She recalled that "in Greece there were leprosy patients, who were the first to receive the Holy Gifts from the priests, and other people partook of the mystery afterwards, but and no one was ever afflicted."

She reiterated that she believed that the believer who receives the Holy Communion cannot get the coronavirus, but “that does not mean that if the following day he goes somewhere else, he may not catch a bug and may not blame the Eucharist afterwards.”

In her opinion, the Sacrament of the Holy Communion is something that "goes beyond our consciousness, our views and thoughts" and that “unquestionably protects our health."

At the same time, she emphasized that “scientific concepts” cannot apply to the Eucharist because “you either believe that you are participating in the greatest mystery and you are not getting ill, or, if you are afraid, you are not receiving the Holy Communion.”

Eleni Giamarellou added that she will also receive the Holy Communion next Sunday without any fear.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that, according to the Metropolitan Gabriel of New Ionia and Philadelphia of the Hellenic Orthodox Church, Holy Communion is not subject to discussion, since this is a matter of faith.

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