Scandal on Romanian TV: Zelenskyy criticized for repression against UOC

19 January 10:13
Gelu Visan. Photo: Gelu Visan. Photo:

Romanian politician Gelu Visan on Romanian television obscenely insulted the President of Ukraine because of his policy towards the UOC.

On January 15, 2023, the Romanian politician, former MP Gelu Visan spoke on Romania TV about the "crimes that they (the Ukrainian authorities – Ed.) commit against the servants of God." The video from the Romanian TV broadcast is going viral on the Internet, in particular, it was posted by the human rights activist and head of the organization "Women's Power of Ukraine" Viktoria Kokhanovska on her Facebook page.

"This Zelensky, whom I defended, closes 100 Romanian churches and forbids the Romanian language in these churches. Hey, Zelensky! This is our people! How much longer do you think these unfortunate people will be able to endure the grief that you brought upon them at the end of last year by forbidding Romanians to speak Romanian? You, who is palying with the globe! Go live with me on ‘Romania TV’ and talk to me, you or one of your advisers. I am not a Putinist," Visan said.

In his emotional speech, the Romanian politician stated that the world, including Romania, was helping the Ukrainian government, while it launched repressions against the Church.

"This Zelensky, to whom everyone flatters, steps over the heads of our Romanians! Romania, which is always by his side! Romania, which helps him in everything, right now we are donating hundreds of millions of euros for him. Romania, which let the tanks and all the weapons go to him, while he kills our Romanians at home. You saw how Vladyka Longin said that it was he who sent the SBU to 140 temples to look for spies. Lousy!" the politician emphasized.

The presenters tried to interrupt Visan and asked him to use correct vocabulary. However, another participant of the TV program supported him in the studio:

"How can they attack the priest with a knife? Pour paint on a priest who is dressed in priestly vestment? Interrupt services, depriving people of their last consolation – faith and an Orthodox church! Therefore, people gather in other places, because they are frightened, because they are chased, detained, SBU and Prosecutor's Office officers are sent after them, even in those places where they gathered to pray outside the church. This did not happen even in the time of the Inquisition! They amaze us! There is no excuse for this! We are no longer talking about national minorities, these are real crimes that they commit against God's servants," the woman said.

Visan also recalled the poisoning of Metropolitan Longin Zhar of the Chernivtsi-Bukovyna Diocese of the UOC.

"The Metropolitan was poisoned with mercury! The Romanian state must say its word. The Ukrainian government is killing our people. Who are we helping?!" he summarized.

Let us remind you that in 2017, Metropolitan Longin publicly announced that he was poisoned by mercury, but he forgives his killers.

As the UOJ reported, the Fox News channel reported that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy sent his "secret police" to the church where searches were conducted. The American journalist is sure that "one can't send soldiers to churches; one can't arrest dozens of priests because they don't clap you. Entire religions cannot be outlawed," he said.

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