Spokesman of UOC: No one has proved the guilt of sanctioned hierarchs in court

03 January 15:27
Archpriest Mykolai Danylevych. Photo: UOJ Archpriest Mykolai Danylevych. Photo: UOJ

Archpriest Mykolai Danylevych commented on the imposition of sanctions against 17 UOC ministers.

The 17 clergymen of the UOC who fell under the sanctions will remain in Ukraine, but no one has legally proved their guilt, said Archpriest Mykolai Danylevych, Deputy Head of the DECR of the UOC, in an interview with Radio Svoboda.

“The position of the Church: if a person is guilty of something, there is an individual responsibility, not a collective one. Our clergy who fell under these sanctions will remain in the country simply to live and serve, but it would be legally correct to prove their guilt. Because guilt has not been proven in court yet,” the spokesman of the UOC said.

As the UOJ reported, on December 11, 2022, by decree 863, Volodymyr Zelenskyy put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council "On the application of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)" against bishops and other representatives of the UOC.

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