In Odessa, UOC provides hot meals to all ambulance crews

During the coronavirus quarantine, volunteers of the Odessa Eparchy daily deliver hot dinners from well-known restaurateurs to all city ambulance crews. Photo:

During the coronavirus quarantine, 255 employees of all ambulance crews of the city of Odessa receive hot meals from volunteers of the Odessa Eparchy.

During the coronavirus quarantine, with the blessing of Metropolitan Agafangel (Savvin) of Odessa and Izmail, volunteers of the Odessa Eparchy of the UOC daily provide hot dinners to all the ambulance crews of the city of Odessa, reports the eparchy’s website.

Hot meals - the first and main dishes, salads, dessert and compote – are prepared in a restaurant that belongs to a family of famous Odessa restaurateurs, parishioners Andrei and Inara Zarichanskys.

Priests and volunteers of the youth organizations of the eparchy deliver hot meals to 7 ambulance stations of the city by personal transport.

Delivery is now daily, from 13:30 to 15:30. Hot meals are provided to all 255 employees of the city ambulance crews.

Over the past 10 days, the eparchy has distributed more than 7 tons of food to the needy.

Now the clergy of the eparchy are planning to develop an algorithm for creating food outlets for city residents if the extension of quarantine will provoke a difficult economic situation in Odessa. The eparchy invites all concerned to join this project.

As reported earlier, the Zarichansky family daily feeds large families and the entire medical staff of the Odessa City Children's Hospital – 110 people.

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