Expert: There’s no need creating a global government to fight COVID-19

Ukrainian political expert, historian Konstantin Bondarenko. Photo:

The political expert commented on the idea of ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain Gordon Brown to create a global government to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Perceived by many as an omen of the doomsday, the idea of ex-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to create a global government to fight the COVID-19 virus is just an attempt to look creatively different, political analyst Konstantin Bondarenko believes.

“This is nothing more than the initiative of the retired prime minister who just wants to look one-of-a-kind,” Bondarenko said in an interview with the UOJ correspondent. “There are many different mechanisms in the world that can be used to fight the coronavirus. It is necessary to more effectively use the available instruments rather than come up with new ones.”

The expert noted that the creation of such an organization would create a number of new challenges.

“If you create some kind of a new world government, questions will immediately arise about where the competence of this global government begins, for how long it receives a mandate and where the sovereignty of states ends,” the politologist explained.

The UN Security Council and the World Health Organization, specially created for such purposes, can solve the problem of eliminating the consequences of the coronavirus without add-on comlexities, the expert explained.

“Why reinvent the wheel if there is a universal platform, and it just needs to be exploited more actively? There is a UN Secretary General, the UN Secretary General has a deputy who is in charge of solely health issues,” Bondarenko emphasized.

According to the political analyst, no one prevents the participating states from initiating a meeting of the UN Security Council on overcoming the crisis caused by COVID-19. However, global competition between China and the United States does not give an opportunity to pool forces in the fight against the consequences of a new disease and therefore, no joint activities will work out now.

Bondarenko is confident that overcoming the economic crisis and the crisis in the healthcare sector will be voluntaristic. A harbinger of this can be a statement by US President Donald Trump about the unreasonableness of such a fight against the pandemic, which creates more problems than the disease itself.

Earlier, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called to create a global government to fight Covid-19.

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