Metropolitan Theodosy comments on SBU searches in Zolotonosha Convent

08 December 2022 19:19
Metropolitan Theodosy. Photo: Metropolitan Theodosy. Photo:

The SBU officers, having planted the flag of Novorossiya, made a mockery of themselves in front of the entire country, the hierarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church said.

Metropolitan Theodosy of Cherkasy and Kaniv, commenting on the SBU searches in the Krasnogorsk Convent of Zolotonosha, said that "when the Lord wants to punish a man, He deprives him of reason," reports the press service of the Cherkasy Eparchy.

"These words were fully manifested in those who conducted the searches yesterday. Dear, when during searches you plant propaganda rubbish somewhere in a parish church in Transcarpathia, it is sad, but not funny. But when during a search in the most famous nunnery in the heart of Ukraine you plant the flag of "Novorossiya", you make a laughing stock of yourselves in front of the whole country. Where is Zolotonosha and where is "Novorossiya" in every sense... Don't you have adequate consultants who would concern themselves with the elementary plausibility of such throw-ins, since you are so diligent to discredit the UOC? Truly, when the Lord wants to punish a man, He deprives him of reason," said the hierarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Metropolitan Theodosy appealed to the conscience of the SBU officers, adding that no one escapes God's judgment.

"Of course, the sisters of the convent in Zolotonosha, with an average age of 70 years of nuns, could not physically control each of you during the ‘raid’. But your conscience should have controlled you, shouldn't it? I don't know whether the sisters will want to defend the monastery from attack, but I know one thing: there will be a judgment of God, from which no one will escape, no matter what patriotic slogans they may hide behind and whose orders they may carry out.”

Earlier, the SBU reported the results of the search in four eparchies of the UOC.


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