Dead warrior's mother begs OCU priest on knees for last rites over her son

08 December 2022 17:58
A parishioner asks an OCU A parishioner asks an OCU "priest" not to take away the church. Photo: a video screenshot of Kokhanovska's Facebook page

In Tarasivka, a UOC parishioner and mother of a dead soldier kneeled before the OCU "priest", begging him not to seize the church and allow the last rites for her son.

On December 7, 2022, in the village of Tarasivka, a parishioner of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, whose son had died on the frontline the day before, knelt before an OCU "priest", begging him not to seize the Dormition Church and allow performing a funeral service over her son. The video was published on the YouTube channel of the UOC Information and Educational Department.

The community told the UOJ that the parishioner had defended her church the previous day from clerics and supporters of the OCU, who, together with the territorial defence forces and government representatives, attempted to seize it. The next day they came again. The woman asked them not to seize the church and allow her to have the funeral service for her deceased son.

As earlier reported, people in balaclavas kicked a UOC priest out of a church in Tarasivka.

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