Met. John (Renneteau) about OCU: This absurd formation is very dangerous

Head of the Western European Archdiocese Metropolitan John (Renneteau). Photo:

The Phanar-created church structure in Ukraine cannot be the foundation of a church building; its creation brings about rupture in the Church, Vladyka John believes.

The OCU is an incongruous structure that is very dangerous, said the Head of the Western European Archdiocese, Metropolitan John (Renneteau) of Dubna in an interview with information portal.

“There were many people In our Archdiocese who resented the church developments in Ukraine. Personally, I believe that what was done was done very poorly,” he said. “As they say in such cases, it has neither appeal nor substance. This is an absurdity, which cannot be a church – let’s be realistic that it cannot be the foundation of a church building in Ukraine, it is something very dangerous."

According to Bishop John, the actions committed by Phanar in Ukraine causes him great pain.

“It means to bring separation: this is when the Church divides the Church. In my opinion, this is a source of affliction, because if the Church causes splits within Herself, what will it lead to, how can we live in the future?” the hierarch said. 

He added that the Patriarchate of Constantinople was at odds with the Western European Archdiocese over the spiritual guidance of Ukrainians who live outside their homeland.

“The situation created in Ukraine indirectly affected us in such a way that the Patriarchate of Constantinople asked the new Ukrainian structure to no longer deal with Ukrainians living abroad, because the Patriarchate of Constantinople would provide spiritual guidance to them,” said Metropolitan John. “Our church ministry, however, extends to everyone, Ukrainians and Russians or whoever it may be. We have no monopolist ambitions, but we are open to anyone who wants to take part in our church life. So I had conflicts in this regard.” 

The Head of the Western European Archdiocese is sure that the church conflict in Ukraine can be overcome only in a conciliar way.

“I believe that everyone who asks this question at present thinks that only in a conciliar, synodal way can we get out of this crisis. Because if the two sides remain in their irreconcilable positions, there will be no agreement. We need to strive for a rapprochement of positions, we need work to restore synodality, communication, catholicity,” Metropolitan John emphasized.

He added that many Local Churches are "not very firm about this issue."

"The Patriarchate of Constantinople declares, ‘I have all rights.’ But maybe it does not have all the rights without conciliarity ... It may enjoy all the rights but within the framework of conciliarity. And if there is no catholicity in our Church, unity is in danger, because the spirit of the Orthodox Church has always been rooted in catholicity,” the hierarch drew the attention of the public. “If there is no conciliar spirit, which calls for dialogue, calls for humility ... If there is no such spirit, we will remain in a parted position, which is very reprehensible for the life of the Orthodox Church.”

Earlier, the Metropolitan of Dubna recalled the impossibility of concelebration with the clergy of Phanar.

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