Russia passes law on total ban on LGBT propaganda

06 December 2022 12:14
A law banning LGBT propaganda has come into force in Russia. Photo: Denis Vyshincky, TASS A law banning LGBT propaganda has come into force in Russia. Photo: Denis Vyshincky, TASS

V. Putin has signed a package of laws on the total ban on LGBT, paedophilia, and sex change propaganda.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning LGBT propaganda on December 5, 2022, prescribing a complete ban on commercials, films, books, TV series and other content that positively addresses non-traditional sexual relationships or gender reassignment, reports A similar law has been in force in Russia since 2013, but it banned the promotion of non-traditional values only among minors.

The law introduces a mandatory paid subscription and additional means to protect access to content banned for children, and its promotional materials must include age marking. It prohibits the use of material that displays "non-traditional sexual relations or preferences" in advertisements. Booksellers are required to remove literature which makes an indication of LGBT propaganda.

There are fines for violations of the law for individuals and legal entities: for the propaganda of paedophilia, individuals will pay up to 800,000 rubles, and legal entities up to 10 million rubles; for the propaganda of non-traditional relations – up to 400,000 and 5 million rubles respectively. For violations of the law by stateless persons in the Russian Federation, they can be expelled from the country. Roskomnadzor will monitor compliance with the law.

As reported, the USA has launched a guaranteed income program for transgender people.

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